Capes and prints

Hi Guys!

Oh my gosh it’s been awhile right? This crazy winter weather made it so hard for me to take pics. Anyhow, FINALLY it seems like Spring is trying to show up. This past weekend I attended a fashion show put on by the International Sisters Network. Since the models weren’t covered we weren’t allowed to take pics of the runway show to post, however, I totally love the outfit that I wore and want to share it with you, also there were some pretty fashionable ladies there and I’ll post a couple of pics of them too. The dress I wore was made by a woman I found on IG (Instagram ). She is a seamstress and posts when she gets new fabrics so that you can place an order with her. So it’s always scary to buy something from someone off IG, but luckily I knew someone who had purchased from her before so I went for it! Quick delivery and she was quick to respond to any of my questions.  Check out her IG page @clothingbyshe to see more of her work. To place orders you can email her at, or call 484-995-9833 between the hours of 9am-8pm est. Since it was a bit windy I also wore a cape. This awesome cape is from here.  I won the cape in an instagram giveaway and I LOVE it. In my opinion, capes are so chic and can make any outfit look elegant.  So what better to wear to a fashion show? I have to say there is nothing like getting clothes made for your body, they fit perfectly, this dress and this cape are well made and beautiful material! Hope you like the pics….(By the way it was super windy that day lol)… also posting pics of some lovely fashionistas. 

Look at this cutie Sophia! Loving her mint green maxi dress, she’s ready for spring.

One of my best best friends Hayya, gorgeous in blue!

All black everything! My sister from another mother Jenea, wearing a tulle skirt. These are so in right now. I love how she wore it with a leather vest, mixing hard and soft.


Got to meet up with YouTuber/ fashionista/ Poet Sadiya. She’s an amazing woman! Check out her IG page @kinghijabpin or her Tumblr Kinghijabpin


Beautiful blogger/stylist Fahima and Poet/YouTuber Sadiya. Check out Fahima’s blog


Last but not lease saw one of my buddies Kesha!

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Weekend Casual…

Hi guys!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, the weather was gorgeous! This is going to be a short post… so one challenge I have is figuring out what to wear on the weekends. 80% of my wardrobe is work wear and so on the weekends I’m always trying to figure out what to wear. Recently I started just wearing shirtdresses with cardigans, or work shirts with cardigans and jeans. Here is what I wore this past weekend.  Most of these items are old so I don’t have links for them, but the stores I got them from area always selling similar stuff. The top is a sleeveless shirt dress from Old Navy last summer, Cardigan is from Target, Boots from Famous foot wear and the jeans from Long Tall Sally from like 8 years ago lol.

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Mix of hard and soft

So some of you may know I’m quite tall, so finding jackets with sleeves long enough is a challenge. I was able to get this really cool Aztec Biker jacket from here. I love it, the sleeves are long enough for my super long arms lol, Blue is my favorite color and this jacket is versatile and can be worn with pretty much anything. Here I wore it with a dress I got from Louellashop.  I’ve always like mixing the soft of a maxi dress and a hard of a leather or biker jacket.

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Interview with Hijab Trendz- the original blog for muslim women

Hi and Happy Friday woohoo!!

I meant to post this blog sooner but have been so busy, anyhow, I was super excited to do an interview with Hijab trendz. Click Here to read the interview!  Check it out, the Hijab Trendz blog is great!

What the heck is a skirt legging anyway??

Hi guys!

What I found since starting this blog, is that it isn’t just Muslim ladies that want to dress modestly, but women from other faiths as well. Mimumaxi is a company run by two Jewish women who have similar views about fashion and modesty that many in the modest fashion industry have. That just because one wants to hold true to their values, it doesn’t mean that they can’t also express their individuality and be stylish as well.
Ok so back to the skirt legging… so while scouring IG for something cool and innovative to wear I found Mimumaxi and something they referred to as a skirt legging… I went to their website to check it out. They describe it as “the Skirt Leggings are entirely a skirt, but have the “feel” and versatility of a good pair of leggings“… hmmmm ok so I had to try them out and promptly ordered a pair. Below are two different ways that I styled them. The first is a winter look with an oversized sweater and boots. The second could be worn in the spring or fall or really anytime of the year, but with spring approaching, I will probably wear it then and maybe with sandles instead of boots. Let me just say that the skirt legging is exactly how it is described on the website. It is soft and stretchy and I really like it. I have to wear it with a long top though because it is fitted on the hips butt area and since I’m a bit “curvy”, I’m more comfortable with it covered, otherwise it looks just like leggings look when worn with a short top yikes! not for me lol…. anyhow here are my pics… the skirt legging can be found at!what-are-skirt-leggings/cooe.

Sweater from H&M. I got it on sale at the outlet for $15.

Sweater from H&M. I got it on sale at the outlet for $15.

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This top is from Gap from like a year ago.

This top is from Gap from like a year ago.


Hopefully you can see the stretchiness.

Hopefully you can see the stretchiness.


All Black Everything…

I ordered a couple of shirts from fellow blogger girlwithcurves. I love this hi low skater dress, talk about modest, it TOTALLY covers my backside! I paired it with black skirt leggings from the one and only Mimumaxi. Links to these websites are below the pictures. Don’t you LOVE all black though? As much as I love color, I also love black!

Twirly... and blurry lol

Twirly… and blurry lol

All Black Everything...almost

All Black Everything…almost


Spring is coming….

Happy New Year!!!! It’s 2015, that means spring is right around the corner…. Some trends I’ve seen are bold colors, bold patterns and mixing patterns. That’s IF you are one to follow trends.  Of course you don’t have to follow trends to be stylish, or modest, but it is a fun way to spend the time right? hahaha … anyhow, here are some of my fav picks from designers Valentino, DKNY, DVF, and RL. Can’t afford designer clothes? Who can these days!!! It is easy to find cheaper alternatives. I have two examples of looks similar to two of RL’s spring collection.

Ralph Lauren Spring 2015


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DKNY Spring 2015 collection

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Valentino Spring 2015 collection

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DVF Spring 2015 collection

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