Work Wednesday


So I’m going to try something new and hopefully this will help me get into a regular blogging schedule. You may know already that I do something called Fashion Blogger Fridays where I share different fashion bloggers that I have come across and like. Now I’m adding Work Wednesdays. These posts will be work wear, and I’ll share links and ideas about different options to wear to work. Since the majority of my clothes are work wear I thought this may be kind of fun. Soo without further adieu, below are pictures of today’s outfit. Most of these pieces are old so the stores where I bought them probably do not have them anymore. They are basic pieces though that can be found anywhere. This is just a simple black top and pants that I jazzed up a bit with a stripe blazer and brightly colored bag. Very simple and comfortable, but office appropriate.325

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Blazer: From Target, however, it is from a year ago, similar blazers can be found here or for a more affordable version here.

The top: A sleeveless black blouse, similar ones can be found almost anywhere, I like this one from H&M.

Pants: Wide leg black pants form NY&Co that are like 8 years old. A good pair of pants are an investment! Similar pants can also be found anywhere, I also like these from H&M.

Lets not forget about the bag! What better way to add a pop of color than with a bag? This fuscia bag is from ShopTarb. I don’t think there are any like this one being sold right now, BUT there is the Illa Lane collection for sale now and they are Fabulous, so check it out!

Work Wear series

So this is my work wear blog. Someone asked me about what to wear to work. For me work wear can just be simple pieces jazzed up a bit with accessories, shoes and some nice makeup. You may not want to be too flashy for work. Today I wore black and white. While I absolutely LOVE color, black and white can be very classy as well. Sorry that my pics are somewhat grainy, soon I will be getting a camera, in the meantime, my phone will have to suffice. People always shy away from white pants thinking they will look fat, the key is the RIGHT white pant. Gap makes a great white pant. It isn’t see through, so you don’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions and having your underwear peeking through. Also the cut and material is great. Best of all, they come in tall!
Here is a close up of the necklace and blazer. A statement necklace can jazz up any outfit.
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Here are 5 outfits that I put together for the week. For me the keys to nice work wear are separates, and accessories. I don’t have to wear suits unless we have a special event, and no jeans either. So for me anything in between will work. Ok so for work, remember the keys:

  • Separates- have some neutrals on hand to pair with patterns, and also bold colors to mix and match.
  • Accessories- a statement necklace, or a fashionable bag, or a fabulous shoe can spruce up an outfit.
Monday- Black and white, added a silver necklace and black and silver bracelet, also the back has silver studding.
Tuesday- Navy and white palazzo pants, I Loooooove palazzo pants! Navy cardigan, white blouse with detailed stitching.
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Wednesday- Time for some color!!
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Thursday- More color. Looks like Christmas in the pics, The pants are actually more orange/coral than red! If you haven’t noticed already, I like layering. Layering helps hide those areas that have a couple of extra rolls :).
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Friday- I loved this scarf in this post because it was a new one I got from Lulubag. A great website where they send the scarf, pins and a cute accessory to match.
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