Got so busy today and almost missed posting this. Today I’m featuring @nadira037 (Instagram name). She is a youtuber and fashion blogger. One thing I absolutely love about her is that she makes a lot of her own clothes. Watching her YouTube videos, she makes sewing look so incredibly easy. This beautiful skirt for example was made out of a bed sheet. UNBELIEVABLE!!! And amazing !DIYers like her have inspired me to try to branch out and see if I can make some of my own clothes….stay tuned lol. Seriously though being tall sometimes I can’t find certain things long enough for me. So seeing people make their own beautiful clothes is Inspiring. Thanks @nadira037 !




Instagram users enter to win the Button Closed Hijab!

Rules to enter:
1-follow both @haleemasboutique and @fifi_hijabista on IG.

2-share this photo and hashtag #buttonedclosedhijab and tag 3 friends.

The winner will be announced on New Year’s Day and can pick any color on the website. Good luck!!!!


I recently participated in a collaboration with two other fashion bloggers. We did 3 different outfits inspired by one that was posted on an IG page. Here are our pics! The first one is the inspiration outfit. To see more from these wonderful ladies check out their blogs/webpages at www.haleemasboutique.com and www.amodernhijabi.blogspot.com or on instagram @haleemasboutique and @amodernhijabi.

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Top 3 Fashion Myths Debunked!

This blog post is dedicated to fashion myths.
1- No white after labor day. This is the biggest rubbish I’ve ever heard! Where did this come from anyway? Ever heard of winter white, it’s WHITE!!
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2-Don’t mix blue and black. Somehow people think you can’t wear black with blue, well guess again, you can! The key is to wear a bolder shade of blue, it will keep you from looking washed out. And if you wear hijab, wearing a colorful one helps as well.
3-Tall people can’t/shouldn’t wear heels. Seriously, who the heck came up with that?? Like just because I’m tall I can’t wear a fabulous pair of heels? Whatever, heels not only elongate the legs, theyย spruce up an outfit and make you feel all around wonderful!

Work Series Part 1

So this is the first post in a series for workwear. Someone asked me about what to wear to work. For me workwear can just be simple pieces jazzed up a bit with accessories, shoes and some nice makeup. You may not want to be too flashy for work. Today I wore black and white. While I absolutely LOVE color, black and white can be very classy as well. Sorry that my pics are somewhat grainy, soon I will be getting a camera, in the meantime, my phone will have to suffice. People always shy away from white pants thinking they will look fat, the key is the RIGHT white pant. Gap makes a great white pant. It isn’t see through, so you don’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions and having your underwear peeking through. Also the cut and material is great. Best of all, they come in tall!

Pants are from http://www.gap.com
Blazer from Target
Top from NY&Co