Hellooooooooooo guys!!!

It has been MONTHS since we last “spoke”…. life has its way of derailing whatever plans you may have sometimes… anyway hopefully I can FINALLY blog on a more regular basis.  While I haven’t blogged in a while, I have been to some fashion events and I have a phone and camera full of content and I will be sharing some of that with you… so let’s get to it!

So what is Twentyone0six? “Twentyone0six is a ministry committed to developing artist in a modest fashion.  They are dedicated promoters for modesty and promise to incorporate it into any interested individuals career; from runway modeling, print modeling, music production, and everything in between.”  Last month I went to the La Modestie fashion show that was produced by Twentone0six. As you know I blog mostly about modest fashion, up until now most modest fashion events that I have gone to were Muslim or Islamic modest fashion. This was my first non-Islamic modest fashion event and it was very interesting to me.  My idea of what is modest comes from an Islamic context, and while I understand modesty can be fairly subjective depending on the individuals point of view and their own value system, it was interesting to see what modesty means to others who are not Muslim.

To find out more about Twentyone0six, visit their website here. The show started with the host asking what modesty meant to members of the audience. Answers ranged from modesty being a personality trait, like being humble, to it being how a person carries themselves and if they are dressed appropriately for certain situations.This was quite fascinating to me, one because many people think of how one is dressed when they think of “modesty” and not about a personality trait of being humble. It was also eye opening because I saw that others (not just Muslims) think of modesty as more than JUST a way of dressing but also embodies how one speaks, acts, etc.

Here are some of the videos from the show: In case the links do not show up under the videos, here are the designers/stylists… HakeemahCMB did a multi-designer showcase, Tasnuva is the designer of ModestLily, and Jon Marc Collection was also shown. Unfortunately my battery died and I didn’t get to video the entire show (I know worst blogger ever!)


What season is it?

Helloooo guys!

Happy Sunday, so this will probably be the last blog post of 2015, I do not think I’ll have time to sqeeze another one in this coming week. Can you believe 2015 is almost over?! I can’t! Anyhow, hopefully in 2016 I can devote more time to blogging and I would like to relaunch my website and make it much better than it is now.

Anyhow, Let’s get started shall we? So the weather here has been CRAZY! It’s been so warm like 60s-70s. So for this blog post I wore my Denim Chambray top from Eshakti. Perfect top for this unseasonably warm weather. It is lightweight and fits perfectly because I got it custom made to my measurements. If you haven’t heard about Eshakti, read my other blog post about them, they are an amazing company!. Since today was a casual day at the park just enjoying the weather, I wore denim on denim and my favorite tan boots. These boots are so old, but for a similar pair, try DSW or Justfab.


Denim on Denim



Close-up details




Umbrellas aren’t just for rain…

Heeeeeeey guys!

Hope you are having a wonderful week so far! Today’s post is about this wonderful Umbrella tunic from one of my favs, StyledbyZubaidah.  Right now this tunic only comes in white, and I’m hoping that soon it will come in other colors because I’m totally in love with it. It is a hi-low top with a cowl-neck and pleats around the neckline. I like the pleating because it gives the tunic some personality and it’s not just a plain white top. The material is nice and flowey (yes I sometimes make up my own words) and I think will feel cool and breezy during the summer. I love the way the top moves! (I tried to catch a motion picture for you so you can see how it looks).  The material is similar to my Mimumaxi smock dress which is a rayon twill. I can’t tell if it is the exact same material, but it is similar. Both this tunic and the smock dress fall nicely over my body and have a flowey fit.

I do have long arms and the sleeves are a bit short (not to my wrist), which for me isn’t really a problem, but for those who want full coverage to the wrist, if you have super long arms like me, you may need to wear a shirt under it.  For those who really like over-sized, modest clothing, this tunic is versatile. I think it would look nice with a skirt or pants. Today, I wore mine with a gray turtle neck since it is almost winter and getting chilly. Added some semi-skinny jeans and boots and voila!  I also tried a different scarf style, I’m still undecided about that hahaha. Oh, one other thing, I’m always worried that over-sized clothing will make me look preggo -since I’m full-figured and some of my weight is in my midsection. I have to say that this umbrella tunic exceeded my expectations. I hope StyledbyZubaidah adds more colors, especially for the Spring/Summer!



Today’s feature for #fbf is @tanyesha_ . I’ve been following her for awhile. She has a very classic style and wears neutrals like nobody’s business! Even her backgrounds match with her outfits 😍. Just take a look at her IG page and it’s like eye candy. I love how she themed her page with whites blacks beiges and grays. She definitely has an artful eye and is one of my fav bloggers. Visit her blog and her IG page @tanyesha_ !


Today’s #fbf is a double fbf. Flash back Friday aaaaand Fashion blogger Friday. This pic, it’s from last year and was my very first blog post. I’ve been blogging for a year now. I’m learning more every day and hopefully this next year I can have more time to blog and implement my ideas. Thank you for all your support and feedback. Happy Friday y’all! 😊😊 ps-looking through my old blog pics and some of them r a hot mess LOL.  

Playing catch up- ICNA

I’m catching up guys I promise! This post is only 3 weeks late hahaha (insert Emoji here)…

Ok but seriously, my daytime job has been kicking my butt recently, leaving me no time to blog like how I want. Let’s get down to business, no one wants to read my ramblings. This will be a short post about the bazaar at the ICNA convention.  If you don’t know what that is, ICNA stands for Islamic Circle of North America. It has been around since 1968, in response to the growing need for a supportive Muslim community in North America. Since then it has grown and expanded across the US and has worked to establish connections between Islam and the public, collaborating with numerous Muslim organizations and other national interfaith organizations for the betterment of society. This year’s theme for the convention was “The Connection between Purpose, Compassion, and Service”. While I will not go into details about the sessions (mainly because I didn’t attend any), I will show you guys pics of the bazaar and tell you about some of my favorite vendors.

If you have followed my blog then I’m sure you have seen me rave about the designer Zubaidah. Well good thing I had my money with me because she was there selling her new summer dresses. I absolutely love Styled by Zubaidah, not only because the designer is a sweet person, but also because she is one of the if not THE only muslim, modest designers that designs especially for Plus sized, “curvy” women such as myself! Check out her website here.

005 006 015 016 017523

Another brand I love is Louella by Ibtihajj. Although she doesn’t specialize in “curvy” sizes, she does carry extended sizes and lengths. One of the only Muslim dress brands that sells length 61inches… yes I’m also very tall too lol. Here are some pics of the Louellashop booth. And to shop Louella, click here.

012 011 010 009518

Have you heard of Simply Zeena? The Zeena team opened up a shop in Tyson’s Corner mall, they were the first Muslim modest fashion retail shop in a major retail mall in the Northern Virginia area.  How amazing is that? A store catering to those of us who love modest fashion. Unfortunately they did not renew their lease and the store has since been closed.  Don’t fret though, their online shop is still up and running and can be found here!


The Simply Zeena team

525 530 019

There we soooooo many other vendors, and of course I didn’t have the time to take pics of every single booth, but these were my top three. Hopefully you can check out these websites and find something fashionable that you will love!

See yall soon,

Mwaaaaa! (insert kiss emoji lol)


Ok guys, this week say hello to style blogger @saharfoad. First off is this pic fab or what?! How would I best describe @saharfoads style? Youthful and unique. She definitely has her own point of view and that’s one thing I love about fashion, yes there are trends, but I love when people take their own twist and make something their own. Check out this beauty’s blog on tumblr or her YouTube videos. Happy Friday loves!! 😘😘