Playing catch up- ICNA

I’m catching up guys I promise! This post is only 3 weeks late hahaha (insert Emoji here)…

Ok but seriously, my daytime job has been kicking my butt recently, leaving me no time to blog like how I want. Let’s get down to business, no one wants to read my ramblings. This will be a short post about the bazaar at the ICNA convention.  If you don’t know what that is, ICNA stands for Islamic Circle of North America. It has been around since 1968, in response to the growing need for a supportive Muslim community in North America. Since then it has grown and expanded across the US and has worked to establish connections between Islam and the public, collaborating with numerous Muslim organizations and other national interfaith organizations for the betterment of society. This year’s theme for the convention was “The Connection between Purpose, Compassion, and Service”. While I will not go into details about the sessions (mainly because I didn’t attend any), I will show you guys pics of the bazaar and tell you about some of my favorite vendors.

If you have followed my blog then I’m sure you have seen me rave about the designer Zubaidah. Well good thing I had my money with me because she was there selling her new summer dresses. I absolutely love Styled by Zubaidah, not only because the designer is a sweet person, but also because she is one of the if not THE only muslim, modest designers that designs especially for Plus sized, “curvy” women such as myself! Check out her website here.

005 006 015 016 017523

Another brand I love is Louella by Ibtihajj. Although she doesn’t specialize in “curvy” sizes, she does carry extended sizes and lengths. One of the only Muslim dress brands that sells length 61inches… yes I’m also very tall too lol. Here are some pics of the Louellashop booth. And to shop Louella, click here.

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Have you heard of Simply Zeena? The Zeena team opened up a shop in Tyson’s Corner mall, they were the first Muslim modest fashion retail shop in a major retail mall in the Northern Virginia area.  How amazing is that? A store catering to those of us who love modest fashion. Unfortunately they did not renew their lease and the store has since been closed.  Don’t fret though, their online shop is still up and running and can be found here!


The Simply Zeena team

525 530 019

There we soooooo many other vendors, and of course I didn’t have the time to take pics of every single booth, but these were my top three. Hopefully you can check out these websites and find something fashionable that you will love!

See yall soon,

Mwaaaaa! (insert kiss emoji lol)

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