💕FASHION BLOGGER FRIDAY💕 Today I’m featuring the beautiful @coverupchic ! A blogger who I absolutely love! I feel like I can relate to her because the majority of clothes I wear are work clothes and she puts together modern and classy yet modest outfits that are perfect for work! And her shoes and bags are everything 💗💗. I also love now she puts the pics together with all the outfit pieces laid out so it’s easy to see the The pieces. Check out her blog at http://coverupchic.blogspot.com and her IG @coverupchic. Trust me u won’t be disappointed!!


Post Oscar report!

Good morning! This post was a bit rushed because I’m squeezing it in between a crazy work schedule this morning so sooooorry about that! Anyhow, Were you up late watching the oscars like me? The glitz and the glamour was eye candy for me. Although this year I was a bit underwhelmed by the dresses in general. I wasn’t completely blown away like I usually am.
Here are some that I liked. Top three were Reece Witherspoon, Anna Kendrick, and Rosamund Pike. Lupita and JLo’s dresses grew on me. When I first saw them they weren’t my favorite but after seeing them throughout the show I liked them. There were MANY that were middle of the road in my opinion because either they were just plain-(off the rack) or not flattering or the color was off. They were bad per se but just not my favorites.
























Least favs!!














Ok guys, this week say hello to style blogger @saharfoad. First off is this pic fab or what?! How would I best describe @saharfoads style? Youthful and unique. She definitely has her own point of view and that’s one thing I love about fashion, yes there are trends, but I love when people take their own twist and make something their own. Check out this beauty’s blog on tumblr saharfoad.tumblr.com or her YouTube videos. Happy Friday loves!! 😘😘



Got so busy today and almost missed posting this. Today I’m featuring @nadira037 (Instagram name). She is a youtuber and fashion blogger. One thing I absolutely love about her is that she makes a lot of her own clothes. Watching her YouTube videos, she makes sewing look so incredibly easy. This beautiful skirt for example was made out of a bed sheet. UNBELIEVABLE!!! And amazing !DIYers like her have inspired me to try to branch out and see if I can make some of my own clothes….stay tuned lol. Seriously though being tall sometimes I can’t find certain things long enough for me. So seeing people make their own beautiful clothes is Inspiring. Thanks @nadira037 !


Weekend Casual…

Hi guys!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, the weather was gorgeous! This is going to be a short post… so one challenge I have is figuring out what to wear on the weekends. 80% of my wardrobe is work wear and so on the weekends I’m always trying to figure out what to wear. Recently I started just wearing shirtdresses with cardigans, or work shirts with cardigans and jeans. Here is what I wore this past weekend.  Most of these items are old so I don’t have links for them, but the stores I got them from area always selling similar stuff. The top is a sleeveless shirt dress from Old Navy last summer, Cardigan is from Target, Boots from Famous foot wear and the jeans from Long Tall Sally from like 8 years ago lol.

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Happy Friday!!!!

So on my instagram page I have been doing something called Fashion blogger Fridays. My take on #fbf, instead of flashback Fridays.  Today I thought, why not post on my blog as well for those of you who do not follow me on IG or FB, I can still share these wonderful bloggers with you! Normally I will post one about one fashion blogger each Friday, but today I will post all of the bloggers that I have posted the past few weeks to catch you all up. Today I featured Fabhima She is one of my most favorite fashion bloggers. Her sophisticated chic style is so fabulous and gives homage to style icons from the 50s and 60s. She pulls off styles that I wish I could ! Her instagram page is @fabhima, or you can check out her blog here.140


Deeqa is the very first fashion blogger that I featured for FBF. She is one of the most unique fashion bloggers I have found so far.  Her style in her own words can be described as “authentic, creative and bold”. She wears a lot of vintage looks and many of them are self made.  She pulls her inspiration from her mother’s closet, Audrey Hepburn, and Sarah Jessica Parker.  Her blog can be found here.136

Leena was one of the first fashion bloggers I started following. I love her style, its impeccable.  Not only is she one of the cutest bloggers out there, she’s so sweet.  She answered my questions since I’m new to blogging (whereas some bloggers totally ignore you lol). Beautiful and caring, great combo! Her blog is found here.137


I like to get ideas and inspiration from all kinds of bloggers. This day I featured Tanesha. Her blog was named best curvy blog in 2012 and she has a collection as well. I love her blog because if you see something you like you can buy it from her website. Also she is tall and curvy so when she wears something I can kind of have an Idea what it might look like on me. Love seeing other curvy bloggers! Her blog can be found here.138

Audrey I happened to randomly stumble upon while going through my instagram feed and followed her after just seeing one picture.  On top of being so adorable, I love her style.  I feel like in a way we are a bit similar in that we don’t fit into one specific kind of style, but take from different styles to put together stylish outfits.  I also like that she is studying to be a journalist (totally would I would have done in my other life!).  Her blog can be found here.139

I hope you guys enjoy these installments of FBF! When I find things that I like, I love to share, so check out these guys 🙂