All Black Everything…

I ordered a couple of shirts from fellow blogger girlwithcurves. I love this hi low skater dress, talk about modest, it TOTALLY covers my backside! I paired it with black skirt leggings from the one and only Mimumaxi. Links to these websites are below the pictures. Don’t you LOVE all black though? As much as I love color, I also love black!

Twirly... and blurry lol

Twirly… and blurry lol

All Black Everything...almost

All Black Everything…almost


4 thoughts on “All Black Everything…

  1. Ummesalmah says:

    Let me just say that this dress looks flawless on you. You look amazing like this picture sold me on your blog. I’m a curvy girl myself and there’s a certain type of clothes that I know will flatter me more than others. This my friend is perfect on you. It’s modest and sleek. Can’t wait to see more fashion photos!


    • Fai says:

      Aw such a sweet comment !! Thank u so much for your kind words 😊😊. Yes u r quite certainly correct that it certain clothes do not look flattering on all body types. So glad u like my style!


  2. Amber Autumn says:

    This whole outfit is so gorgeous!

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