The Button Closed Hijab and Denim on Denim

This is a double blog post. First let’s talk about this new hijab. Instagram is so wonderful. I happend upon another instagrammer, who has just started making a new innovative hijab called, the button closed hijab. This idea was born out of frustration of not being able to find her hijab pins. I was lucky enough to be able to try out this new scarf and review it. Here is what I think:
The color of course was fabulous!! The material was nice as well, similar to the jersey scarfs so it was nice and clingy. This hijab was definately VERY easy to use, and the best part was, I didn’t have to search for my pins! I know some may not like the button on the side, for me though I thought it was different, unique and added some character.  I would love to see this hijab expanded and made with different kinds of materials especially for the summer, some thin light weight cotton-ish material would be nice I think. Also I would like some longer ones for those sisters that like to wear maxi hijabs. Lastly, I think it would be cool to have different button styles. Maybe some sparkly or shimmery for dressier scarfs, maybe metallic to give them an edgeier feel. I would definately recommend this to  a friend, and can’t wait to wear it again. To order this hijab visit
The outfit I’m wearing in these pictures is perfect for a casual day on the weekend. Denim on denim seems to never go out of style.  I know everyone is wearing skinny jeans, but this day I opted for a wide-leg jean. I love a wide leg pant! I added a belt to break it up and not look big and puffy all over, and to cinch in the waist. Added a couple of accessories, and voila! Here are some pictures:
67e6fd_01ce893cefba48ba8e76064870a59bbc 67e6fd_1ee23f5f22b24f99a57655c55e4e60a6 67e6fd_85d7f6da2de441db8909e0a7c04f2bd0 67e6fd_465a945865dc4bd2b1353b7a25b4c0d0 67e6fd_e209c49773b64cc0a4419edf8dbb169b

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