Top 3 Fashion Myths Debunked!

This blog post is dedicated to fashion myths.
1- No white after labor day. This is the biggest rubbish I’ve ever heard! Where did this come from anyway? Ever heard of winter white, it’s WHITE!!
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2-Don’t mix blue and black. Somehow people think you can’t wear black with blue, well guess again, you can! The key is to wear a bolder shade of blue, it will keep you from looking washed out. And if you wear hijab, wearing a colorful one helps as well.
3-Tall people can’t/shouldn’t wear heels. Seriously, who the heck came up with that?? Like just because I’m tall I can’t wear a fabulous pair of heels? Whatever, heels not only elongate the legs, they spruce up an outfit and make you feel all around wonderful!

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