Need I really say more? I got to attend the Haute and Modesty fashion show.  Dian Pelangi showed her collection and totally stole the show. Her collection was cohesive and absolutely amazing. Rich and bold colors, expensive materials, just absolutely amazing!! Here are some pictures of the night and I got to meet some of my favorite fashion bloggers Hakeemah CMB, Adayinthelalz, and Fahima. Check out their blogs , links under their pics and follow them on instagram @fabhima @adayinthelaz @hakeemahcmb @jannahnaimacollection and of course @dianpelangi.

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Top 3 Fashion Myths Debunked!

This blog post is dedicated to fashion myths.
1- No white after labor day. This is the biggest rubbish I’ve ever heard! Where did this come from anyway? Ever heard of winter white, it’s WHITE!!
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2-Don’t mix blue and black. Somehow people think you can’t wear black with blue, well guess again, you can! The key is to wear a bolder shade of blue, it will keep you from looking washed out. And if you wear hijab, wearing a colorful one helps as well.
3-Tall people can’t/shouldn’t wear heels. Seriously, who the heck came up with that?? Like just because I’m tall I can’t wear a fabulous pair of heels? Whatever, heels not only elongate the legs, they spruce up an outfit and make you feel all around wonderful!