Glow Mineral Powder

Instagram is wonderful! Why, do you ask? Because you can find all types of people selling cool products.  I stumbled upon an instagrammer named Claudia who has a new makeup line called GLow. Per Claudia, her makeup is free of toxins, parabens, bismuth, fragrances, and impermissible products. Sounds great right? I have sensitive skin and so am leery about trying different products on my face. Luckily for me I won some samples that Claudia was giving away. She sent me coffee, mocha, and olive. I tried all three. I probably could wear all three except someone asked me if I had a tan when I wore mocha and coffee.  So after trying the sample, my skin didn’t break out and I decided to order.
I ordered olive. She also sent me pink blush as well. Packaging was nice and included a card with a description of her business. The price was also affordable $14.99. Ok, so I was super excited because I LOVE makeup. With this powder, a little goes a long way, I only needed a bit on my brush and it provided a lot of coverage. It was also even coverage, like I didnt have to keep reaplying in different places to even it out. All in all I would say that I’m very happy with this product. FYI I do have combination skin and this did not dry my skin out in the try areas. Again my face has not broken out, it doesn’t seem to clog my pores and is easy to remove. Lastly I got lots of compliments when I wore it. Next I want to try her shimmering highlights, and concealer. I would definately recommend this product.  Here are some pictures of me applying the makeup and after I was finished. Lipstick is Mac honeylove.
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